Fast Delete Facebook™ Messages

Simply delete all Facebook™ messages in Chrome just in 2 clicks

Fast Delete Facebook™ Messages

How to delete all facebook messages at once?

Very simple and fast!

Fast Delete Facebook™ Messages for Chrome will help you in this.

We made is as easy as it can be. Very light and simple interface so that everyone can use it.

But be sure to delete your messages carefully!
You are using this extension at your own risk.
Developer is not liable for any moral or material damage incurred to you related to the removal of messages by this extension.

Screen 1

Go to Chrome Web Store to install Fast Delete Facebook™ Messages browser extension.
Click on "Add to Chrome" button.
Be sure to confirm extension installation.
There you go!

To delete all messages, you just need to do 2 easy steps (2 clicks in extension window):

  • Click on "Open Messages”
  • Click on "Delete all messages"
Screen 2


Extension in a short time will automatically remove all fb messages from all your chats. You only need to relax and enjoy the result.

Extension allows you to remove all your messages at once without having to delete them one by one.

Fast Delete Facebook™ Messages

Go to official Chrome Web Store and install it NOW!